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Scheduling Automation Setup

We’ll work with you to determine your ideal scheduling workflow and appropriate software fit with solutions like Calendly, Acuity, or YouCanBook.Me, and then take care of the details so 

Video Meeting Room Setup

We’ll connect you with the right solution for remote meetings, and get it set up so your remote meetings can just happen seamlessly.


Internal Chat Setup

Determine your communication requirements, and fit with a solution like Twist, Slack, or others, and deploy. Also includes a Loom for onboarding members if needed.

Password Management Setup

Installation of Dashlane or LastPass, import passwords, and setup for users and team if applicable. Hand off training is included to explain use and security benefits.

Loom Setup

We’ll help setup Loom to quickly record guide videos, that are instantly shareable with team members and clients.

Cloud Backup

Determine needed backup solutions, starting with ODrive and Google Photos and moving on to whole-system backups. Includes referral to an IT partner if monitoring and more complex systems are needed.

Team Meeting SOP Design

Design and deploy a template process for team meetings and management accountability to increase efficiency and effectiveness of meetings and teamwork.

Lean Canvas Training and Setup

We’ll help you fill out a lean canvas and use this to move forward quickly with other systems design. Includes a follow up session to check on application and needed optimizations.

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"A single idea about our hiring process alone was incredibly valuable. Implementing it saved me immeasurable amounts of time, headaches, frustration, and increased the quality of our work."
Tom M.

Owner, content company

"If it wasn't for their help in building systems and training us on how to use them in one of the most hectic seasons we've had, I would have lost my business and probably ended up in the hospital."
Richard O.

Owner, landscape company

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